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Advertising Presentation Copy


Draw me a Didoodam slipper. A slipper for the little princes and the big princesses, a slipper for the kings and the queens. Draw me a cocoon where the feet feel well, where the feet feel free. Draw me a Didoodam slipper, a slipper in leather, of every colour and of every pleasure.

Graphic Elements


Logo & Baseline / White Background (PNG - 321*198px - 20Ko - 72dpi) - Download this item here.
Logo & Baseline / Without Background (PNG - 250*162px - 119Ko - 72dpi) - Download this item here.

logo didoodam


Gamme 10-2011 (PNG - 1550*750px - 983Ko - 72dpi) - Download this item here.


gamme didoodam


Screenshot Homepage (Large - PNG - 600*925px - 680Ko - 72dpi) - Download this item here.
Screenshot Homepage (Small - PNG - 600*789px - 565Ko - 72dpi) - Download this item here.


screenshot large--screenshot large