Our Actions


The brand is committed to regular financial support for the human and environmental causes that affect it.  


Because a Child in hospital isn’t right, and Didoodam wanted to join the action of the not-for-profit Day after Day Association  - www.jourapresjour.be, that drop in the ocean that brightens the daily lives of sick children. Didoodam transferred 5% of the sales of the month of May 2011 to the Association, namely EUR 340. 



Following the tragic floods that have devastated a good part of Pakistan, Didoodam has decided to support the children by sending 5% of its sales to UNICEF from 19 August to 30 September 2010.  




Thank you for having supported Haïti by buying Didoodam slippers. Thanks to your purchases during the week of 19 to 26 January 2010, we collected EUR 284, which we rounded up to EUR 300. This sum was paid in full to the Belgian NGO, VOLENS, www.volens.be, (development co-operation, interdependent economy and appropriate training), which will put it to good use.